and so it begins...

This isn't my first blog, but it will be my best attempt at something consistent.  Thank goodness for spellcheck. 

I like to talk and theorize about everything. That's going to be my theme for this blog: A life in the creative arts and the art of living. Or maybe it's the art of living creatively?

If you read my 'About' page, you'd see I'm a traveler and I'm a photographer. The truth is, I want to be so much more. I wrestle with the two most common foes to living such a renaissance life: Time vs Energy.

As with all things, life is a canvas of many shades and there is always light with the dark. While I work to build and maintain a photography career, there are many interesting things to share and I hope you'll find it interesting, engaging and maybe inspiring.

In the meantime, this is my family. We like to travel together on long road trips. This is White Sands National Monument in New Mexico.