interesting people: Sara Quessenberry

Sara and I used to work together at the Real Simple magazine test kitchen when we were at Time, Inc. in NYC. Yet another amazing person I feel fortunate to have shared time with. Note: The following is an excerpt from The Good Neighbor Cookbook website which she co-authored. She is now working at and occasionally making headlines in The Enquirer as Jerry Seinfeld's love interest (for real not for real)...

About Sara:

Sara is very aware of the irony that she is coauthor of The Good Neighbor Cookbook yet lives in a 46-floor high-rise in New York City, where she knows barely a handful of neighbors. In her defense, she has spent her adult life cooking for others, first as a restaurant owner/chef, then as a recipe developer/food stylist for Real Simple magazine. She is currently food/web director, a website for beginner cooks. You can also view her work at

Kitchen equipment I can’t do without: My grandma’s 70 year-old cast iron skillet.

Go-to dinner favorites: Fall: roasted cauliflower and sage pasta. Winter: roasted chicken with lots of lemon and garlic. Spring: lamb chops and mint sauce. Summer: sliced tomatoes with fresh mozzarella, basil and grilled bread.

What I most love to cook: dishes that simmer: pasta sauces, curries, soups, stews.

Home-alone dinner: Soft boiled egg on buttered toast. If I’m feeling fancy, maybe some broiled asparagus, too.

Dream kitchen must-have: Counter space.

Good-neighbor pledge: To cook for the sweet old ladies who live on my floor.